Light Shows

Choreograph an amphitheater full of phones to burst with vibrant colors and strobe their flashlights on beat, or turn a zero-budget basement gig into a bright and colorful lighting spectacle, anywhere, anytime.

Animations and Video

Place massive synchronized audiovisual experiences in the hands of your audience without the need to purchase any specialized technology. Use videos, GIFs, and photos to quickly bring audiences into the action.

Sound and MIDI

Play a crowd of phones like a giant, collective synthesizer. Plug in a MIDI controller or your favorite DAW and play a sonata out of every device in a city, tweaking built-in effects on the fly, totally live and synchronized.

Live design for the mobile age

Wavelength is a platform for creating totally immersive experiences. It makes synchronized production control possible for mobile devices, putting massive audiovisual control in the hands of designers without the need to purchase specialized technology.